Chef Barnes of Max’s Place scoops Stone Soup competition two

David and GrahamChef Barnes drops a quail egg bomb on Chef Hull, who returns friendly fire with a can of pumpkin puree

On the second day of the Kootenay Granite Stone Soup Challenge Chef Graham Barnes of Max’s Place showed up with a doozy of an ingredient challenge for amateur chef and Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce Executive Director David Hull: quail eggs.

Hull replied with a can of pureed pumpkin. Both chefs accepted the secret ingredient challenge and were awarded five stones to be counted in the final vote tally.

Neither chef let their ingredient challenge stray them far from their plan. Barnes came into the competition mentally prepared to create four drastically different types of soups, and allowed the ingredients available at the Salvation Army to determine his final choice: a minestrone. David Hull prepared a long-time personal favourite recipe, tried and true throughout the years: a golden carrot and apple soup — enhanced this time of course — with quail eggs.

The Salvation Army guests were divided. Almost divided, that is. In a very close vote of 31 to 27, Chef Graham Barnes of Max’s Place emerged the victor.

Tomorrow, Chef Kevin McDonald of West Coast Grill will look be looking for a win against the Salvation Army’s own Carmen Alaric, who has home-kitchen advantage – she knows the guests, their preferences, and the ingredients available. McDonald should pull no punches.

After two weeks of elimination rounds, only two chefs will remain undefeated. They will face-off at an exciting luncheon fundraiser on Wednesday, March 2, noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort. The final event is sponsored by Investors Group. Tickets to the public grand finale soup-off are available in two prices: $25 for lunch; or, $45 for lunch and a $20 charitable receipt. They can be purchased with cash at Max’s Place, through the CDCF office by calling 250.426.1119 or online through Snapd East Kootenay