A Personal Legacy of Giving

What is an endowment? When you create a charitable fund through your community foundation, you have the opportunity to benefit the community now – and forever – with a permanent endowment. Your gift is invested over time. Earnings from your fund are used to make grants addressing community needs. Your gift — and all future earnings from your gift – is a permanent source of community capital, helping do good work today and in the future.

Legacy and Stability: Donors who endow their gifts can make a difference in their community during their lifetime and, at the same time, provide a gift that lasts forever. Grants will continue to be made in the name of the fund you establish so that your charitable wishes are preserved, even if an organization receiving grants ceases to exist in the future.

Expert Help: When donors or non-profit organizations work through the community foundation to achieve their charitable goals, they benefit from the expertise of experienced local program staff, community leadership, and investment management.

Leaders of a non-profit organization may also look to the community foundation to hold their organization’s endowment because they know that having a constant source of funding helps them respond to immediate needs and plan for the future.


Areas of Granting:

  1. Arts, Culture and Heritage
  2. Education
  3. Physical Activity and Sports
  4. Environment
  5. Social and Health Services
  6. Programs for Seniors

Donor Stories

The reasons people choose to give are diverse. Each of our donors has their own story, own motivations, and a unique vision of how to strengthen our community. However, one of the things our donors all share is a collective desire to enhance our community, for good and forever. Read a few of their stories:

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Melodie Hull Fund for Mental Health

In 2015 Cranbrook resident Melodie Hull, a registered psychiatric nurse, realized her goal of establishing an endowment fund supporting local people with chronic and persistent mental health challenges and addictions.The Melody Hull Fund for Mental Health was established in 2008 with $500. It is now endowed at more than $15,000.The CDCF will ensure Melodie’s fund serves the community in the way she envisioned, and will do so forever.
Melodie could have chosen to donate her entire gift as a one-time donation and made a single and important impact in the community. But by creating an endowment, Melodie ensures organizations assisting people with mental health challenges and addictions will have a local, permanent and sustainable source of financial support.  In another 15 or 30 or 45 years this story will still be relevant – it is not just a moment in history for Melodie Hull and and the Cranbrook community… it is a growing legacy.

Casey and Corrine Hanemayer
In 2006 Casey and Corrine Hanemayer made a donation of more than $780,000 dollars to the Cranbrook and District Community Foundation and established the first endowment fund named for residents of our community.The Casey and Corrine Hanemayer Fund forms an endowment that gives grants back to the Cranbrook community forever. The grants from the Haneymayer funds are given annually, in their names.
When the Hanemayers fund was originally developed the Foundation’s granting power more than tripled.The Hanemayers have lived in Cranbrook since 1951 and raised their four children here. Mr. Hanemayer is well-known in the community for his activities in the local building trade, and his involvement with the local cable TV business during the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.Once the Hanemayers came forward as our community’s champions, others followed. The gift from the Hanemayers was in the form of securities, and changes to capital gains tax make donations such as these more and more likely as people explore tax-effective options of charitable giving and beneficial tax options.
Scott and Rob Niedermayer
The Niedermayer brothers, Scott and Rob, established a new endowment fund, the Niedermayer Family Fund, to give back to Cranbrook forever. Like many donors, the Niedermayers reserve the opportunity to determine annually which charity will receive the grant. The fund will be invested by the Cranbrook and District Community Foundation through the Vancouver Foundation. From the interest earned annual grants will be available to local community charities.
The former National Hockey League brothers have young families and they feel this is a way of demonstrating civic responsibility to their children. The Niedermayer brothers grew up in Cranbrook and have been running the Scott and Rob Niedermayer Hockey School since 2001, attracting over 200 young participants on an annual basis, some as far away as Europe.“With an endowment fund, and it is long term, we can see our money at work in the community,” Scott said.
In Memory of Joyce Metcalf
Joyce Metcalfe was one of the most revered and loved “Grand Ladies” of Cranbrook. Joyce gave 41 years of service and dedication as the Director of the Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band and was recognized for her tremendous commitment in 1976 as Cranbrook’s Citizen of the year.To honour the memory of Joyce, who passed away in the spring of 2006, and her love for the Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band; the Band and the Cranbrook and District Community Foundation established a memorial fund in her honour. Appropriately, the fund was the first in memoriam fund created by the Cranbrook and District Community Foundation.The fund is an endowment that pays annual interest to the Band in perpetuity. With a donation from each alumni the Band will easily increase its endowment.

Five great giving options. Choose the one that’s right for you

CDCF offers a broad range of fund types to fit the needs of both donors and grantees. Details are available from the CDCF, or you can discuss giving with your financial advisor or lawyer to find out how giving to the Foundation can help you meet your philanthropic goals while maximizing your tax advantage.

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Unrestricted Funds

You can use your gift to meet ever-changing community needs – including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made. We evaluate all aspects of community well-being – arts and culture, education, environment, health and social services, youth, and more. The flexibility of your unrestricted gift makes it possible to respond to the community’s most pressing needs, today and tomorrow.

Field of Interest Funds

You can target your gift to address needs in an important area of community life. The arts. AIDS. Aging. At-risk youth. You identify your personal interest area when making your gift; our board awards grants to community groups and programs that are making a difference in the area you select.

Designated Fund

You can direct your gift to a specific charity or issue area.  Help provide ongoing funding for a senior centre, museum, your church, or virtually any nonprofit charitable organization. You identify the recipient you wish to benefit through your gift; our staff manages the annual distribution of funds.

Donor Advised Fund

You can have ongoing involvement in the use of your gift. You work with our professional grantmaking staff, identifying ways to use dollars from your Donor Advised Fund to address the issues and needs you care about most. Your recommendations are submitted to our board for approval; we then distribute grant dollars.

Agency Endowment Fund

An attractive option for local charities that currently manage, or are interested in establishing their own endowment fund. An Agency Endowment Fund through your local community foundation makes it easy and efficient to create and manage a permanent endowment for your organization. You build the fund. We take care of the rest.

List of funds to donate to

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Casey & Corrine Hanemayer Fund
Casey & Corrine Hanemayer Health Fund 
Children First Fund
Community Endowment Fund
Cranbrook Boys and Girls Club
Cranbrook History Centre
Cranbrook Public Library Fund
East Kootenay Community Credit Union – Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Fund
East Kootenay Foundation for Health Fund
Environmental Endowment Fund
Fernie Community Fund
Friends of Fort Steele Society Endowment Fund
Hough Ingalls Fund for Animal Welfare
Joyce Metcalfe Memorial Fund
Kimberley / Cranbrook 2008 Winter Games Fund for Arts and Culture
Kimberley / Cranbrook 2008 Winter Games Fund for Sports
Knights of Pythias Crescent Lodge #33 Endowment Fund
Mark Mahovlic Memorial Scholarship Fund
Melodie Hull Fund for Mental Health and Addictions
Niedermayer Family Fund
Northern BC Friends of Children Society – East Kootenay Branch
Operational Endowment Fund
Sparwood Community Fund
Symphony of the Kootenays Fund


Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund


Key City Gymnastics – Building Healthy Futures Funds
Salvation Army Homeless Shelter Project