EKC donates $3,000 to Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Fund


East Kootenay Community Credit Union has given $9,000 in support over last three years, bringing total endowment to just over $34,000
On November 23, East Kootenay Community Credit Union (EKC) in Cranbrook, Elkford, Fernie and Sparwood donated $3,000 to the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Endowment Fund, held with the Cranbrook and District Community Foundation (CDCF).
The generous gift was the final contribution of a $9,000, three-year commitment announced and kicked-off October 2014.
“EKC is devoted to the health and progress of our communities, not only by financially contributing to important programs and initiatives, but by raising awareness about community challenges and the invaluable organizations that are working to address them,” says Jean-Ann Debreceni, Chair, EKC. “We are proud to have contributed to the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Fund for more than a decade, and thank the CDCF for its committed efforts to develop the fund and ensure a sustainable and increasing impact.”
EKC has been a strong supporter of the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Fund since 2004, when it gave the initial $10,000 to the CDCF to establish the endowment fund. By December 2016 there will be more than $34,000 permanently endowed for the Salvation Army in Cranbrook, which financially benefits from the annual interest income generated by the fund. The Salvation Army uses this income to support their efforts in providing more than 20,000 lunches each year to school children in need of food and nutrition in Cranbrook, Marysville, and Kimberley. It is the single largest program run at the Salvation Army in Cranbrook.
“Today alone we are sending 112 lunches out the door to local children, and that (daily) number is often greater,” says Major Kirk Green of the Salvation Army. “We are grateful to EKC for their ongoing, unwavering support of the endowment fund over the last 12 years. Not only have they financially contributed to it regularly, but they made it possible for others to do the same by providing the initial $10,000 to establish it. There gift has become an evolving and important legacy.”
“The Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Endowment Fund has grown steadily thanks to the efforts of our community,” says CDCF president Dave Struthers. “Through events such as Denham Ford’s Hometown for Hunger, which raised $2,000 for the fund in August, as well as through private donations and corporate contributions, the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Fund is one of our most successful endowments in terms of wide-spread support and continuous growth. EKC has no doubt lead this success, and offers a great example of what can be achieved in partnership with our local community foundation.”
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