Turning 50 pushes man to the peak; three peaks, actually

Michael Meinig climbs three mountains in three days for three charities

Kimberley resident Michael Meinig is celebrating his 50th birthday in a unique way – climbing three mountains in three days for thr015ee different charities.

Meinig, who officially turned 50 on Nov. 27, will be attempting the 343 (three for three) Challenge March 2015. He will climb Mount Lady McDonald in support of the Cranbrook and District Community Foundation’s Homeless Shelter Project, the East End of Rundle in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation, and Ha La Ling Peak to raise funds for the Good Samaritan Society. All three mountains are located near Canmore, Alberta. The total elevation climbed is just under 3,000 meters.

“They’re not especially extreme climbs, and they are quite well-known and well-climbed mountains,” says Meinig. “So it’s not like I’m doing something that hasn’t been done by many avid climbers. It’s more about the motivation behind it, and my desire to challenge myself and do something for my birthday that’s bigger than me; that maybe inspires others, and that gives back to causes that are close to my heart.”

If you would like to learn more, follow Meinig’s progress, or donate to one of his causes, visit http://www.3for3.net/ or search ‘343 Cranbrook’ on Facebook.